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Karl William Fleet – Author of The Truth Files

Karl William Fleet has been fascinated by story and the act of storytelling since childhood.

Born in NaeNae, Wellington, he moved to Auckland in his teenage years, where he later attended college and discovered advertising as a career option. Intrigued by the creative process, he completed a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, with a major in advertising.

During his advertising career, Karl tapped into his love of storytelling and quickly discovered success. In his first year within the industry, Karl won an opportunity to represent New Zealand at Cannes in the Young Lion’s competition. In his second year, he won a rare and highly coveted Gold Pencil award at the One Show. The publication, Campaign Brief, soon named Karl their “Number One Australasian Advertising Creative” for his accomplishment of winning the largest number of international advertising awards between the period of 2008-2009.

While writing ads, Karl also dabbled in writing scripts for short films. One of them, “Signs,” found a special place in people’s hearts and has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube.

Karl’s love for storytelling even led him down the most unlikely of paths: professional wrestling. As his alter ego, Curt Chaos, he defied the odds and became the New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. He held this prestigious belt for one year and thirteen days—the third longest title run in New Zealand’s history.

Karl then had a crazy idea to write about an ultimate “negative protagonist,” Justin Truth. As the negative protagonist genre is one of the hardest to write, Karl went back to university and earned a master’s in creative writing to help build Justin Truth’s world. Karl spent the next three years writing, crafting, and editing Corporate Truth, Criminal Truth, and Fractured Truth.

Everything Karl’s learned from advertising, wrestling, and earning his master’s degree comes together as a creative and unique form of written prose that he calls “binge reading.” He released the first three volumes of The Truth Files at once so readers can binge read to their heart’s content.

He hopes you’ll enjoy reading his stories as much as he enjoys creating them.