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Justin Truth isn’t immune to the pressure to make profits, and his tenuous grip on reality begins to slip. Will his mistakes—deadly mistakes— become more apparent to those determined to catch and expose him?

With mounting pressure on Justin, cryptic letters turn up that allude to a deadly and salacious secret from Rip’s past. If disclosed, these secrets would stop his (and Peter’s) political ambitions for good. Peter Gordon orders Justin, like a faithful hound, to hunt down and eliminate the source of the threats and kill the scandal before it sees the light of day.

If Justin fails and the scandal comes to light, Peter and Rip’s political dreams will die, and Justin’s own involvement in the original crime will cost him everything he has achieved. 

Unbeknownst to Justin, Nick Harvey ‘The Ghost Hunter’ has tracked him down and plots to enter the maximum-security prison, Bell Island, with the intention of convincing imprisoned ex-detective, Ross Smith, to tell him the Truth about Justin.

Will the killer Truth finally be discovered?