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With no moral compass, Justin Truth aggressively seizes control of corporate giant, Soda-Cola. But being on top of the corporate world isn’t enough for Justin when he compares himself to ruthless billionaire, Peter Gordon.

Peter is hell-bent on making his son, Rip, the first Gordon to sit in the Oval Office. He’ll need help though, from someone willing to disregard the law, get their hands dirty, and do whatever it might take to fulfil his family’s political destiny. He’ll need Justin.

Earning a seat on Rip’s electoral train just may propel Justin into a position of power—in Peter’s eyes and within the world of politics. But is earning a seat on the electoral train, before Peter withdraws the once-in-a-lifetime offer, worth the risk of Justin exposing his murderous darker side?

As Justin’s political hunger grows, the hunter becomes the hunted. 

A broken Montana Cruz seeks revenge with a hitman, while an orthodox investigator and a DEA agent join the list of those stalking Justin to reveal the Truth and make him pay for his sickening crimes.

Will the net close in on Justin, and expose the Truth?