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01: Corporate Truth

Justin Truth is a driven corporate sociopath who will do anything to achieve his objectives, while at the same time satisfying his ever-consuming hunger as one of America’s most prolific serial killers. But there are those who have discovered the truth about him and will risk their lives to expose him before it’s too late for everyone.

02: Criminal Truth

Justin Truth, a dangerous sociopath, has left a trail of bodies in his wake to reach the lofty heights of the corporate world. To get the power Justin truly craves, he’s forced to delve into the criminal underground. But the deeper he goes, the greater the risk he’ll be exposed.

03: Fractured Truth

The corporate sociopath, Justin Truth, has an opportunity to enter the political world. The heart of real power in America. But the pressure is getting to him. He’s becoming unhinged, cracking, fracturing. Then when cryptic letters turn up threatening to expose a hidden secret from his past, he must become the hunter and kill the story from ever coming out.

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